Monday, September 2, 2013

21 Months:

Oh, sweet Henry. We love you so much. I don't think I knew my heart and love could grow this much over the past almost two years (!). You bring so much joy, laughter, happiness, contentment, and satisfaction to our lives. I would not trade our life with you for anything else in the whole entire world. You are the best.

Here are some things about your life right now [warning, this might get long. I have not done this for a while]:

- You ask to watch Elmo every single day. When you ask for that, what you are wanting to see is the youtube video of Adam Sandler and Elmo singing a song about Elmo. I pull it up on my phone daily and I have nearly the entire song memorized.

- Sometimes when we are outside playing you will come over and say "iss. iss" and you leaned your forehead in. I give you a kiss on your forehead and you turn around and run off to your next thing, waving at me. It makes me an emotional mess nearly every time because I imagine you doing this with me as you run into school one day. It is also pretty sweet, because you only do this with mama. You don't want or need a goodbye kiss from dad.

- You learn new words every single day. For real. We were in the store the other day and you pointed to the bathroom and looked at me and said "athroom", like you were wondering if I needed to go. You probably have picked up on this word since you spend your days with a seven month pregnant lady. We go to the 'athroom' a lot.

- You love 'ootball' (football) and ask to also watch videos of that on a daily basis. Dad is the one that has taught you this love, as you might imagine. You ask to go 'side' (outside) with your 'oos' (shoes) to play 'ootball' with Dad. You laugh so so loud and hard when Dad kicks the ball in the air. You think it is the funniest thing ever.

- You also have started to say 'amen' after our bedtime prayers and our meal time prayers. Sometimes we pray multiple times during a meal because you hold your hands out to us and say 'amen'. It is precious to see these little tiny seeds of faith growing in your life already.

- You and Dad have a fun tradition where you say 'brrrrr' and shake your arms back and forth and then Dad picks you up and you run to the big refrigerator in the kitchen down in camp and get an orange slice. Then you will hold up both of your little index fingers and ask for one more time.

- You are still a great eater. The other night at dinner you even took a bite of your dinner and with a big smile on your face you said 'ummy' (yummy). It was so very polite of you to compliment the cook at such a young age.

- We are working on learning how to sleep in our big boy bed, how to help put your dishes in the sink after a meal, and how to help clean up your toys at the end of day. There is much required of you the older you get, son. I hope and pray that you learn and handle responsibilities well as you get older.

- You are incredibly handsome and your eyes and smile get bigger and brighter all the time. I love watching you play, learn, and experience new things. You have an incredible mind that is constantly working and you are very meticulous about how you approach situations.You soak up your surrounding and want to check everything out first before you dive in.

- You love to make us laugh and are sweet with us but at the same time you love to test us and push your boundaries. You get this little look on your face that says, "I dare you to punish me". You get punished. We talk about it and then you are generally okay after that. But really, it would be okay if you would just start to listen and obey the first time we ask you do something.

- Dad just came into the room and said "I just decided. This is my favorite age yet." I agree with him. You still challenge us on a daily basis, but the challenges are much less drive us to the point of insanity like they were when you were a baby and would scream and scream and scream. We are starting to be able to reason with you, you understand so much of what we say, we understand your words (most of the time), you can walk and run, you have a sense of humor, you show us that you love us and love being with us on a daily basis. Keep growing little one, we have always loved you and will love you forever. No matter how big you get.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

That was so sweet, Danae. It is so much fun watching Henry grow and change!