Sunday, August 11, 2013


Camp life is busy and constant. Summer camp ended and then we went right into our family camp. Then we had a four meal break and Doug was right back to serving another family camp that kicks off our retreat season. I think the constant pace is one reason that the years are flying by here. It is crazy to think that we have already been here for three years. At the pace we move there is not much time to sit and get bored with life.

Doug asked if I wanted to go into town for dinner during the short break. I answered, "I always want to eat in town". We had thai food where they got the heat level mixed up on our dishes. This little mistake left me burping lots and Henry had noodles instead of rice for dinner. Doug wanted to go to look at some bikes at the local bike shop downtown. It was a pretty evening so we walked over to the park for a bit. Henry thinks he is always suppose to see ducks there. Hard to explain to a toddler that ducks are not always right where we want them to be.

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