Saturday, August 10, 2013

Summer 2013:

Summer camp is over. The staff are gone. And the Castles are sad. This is our third full summer here on staff and it might have been our favorite so far.

Some things that made this summer so wonderful:
- A great great staff
- The most consistent work schedule for Doug of any summer so far
- Tuesday night dinners at our house
- Prayer group with ladies here at camp where we spent intentional time praying for each and every camper by name. Such a powerful and wonderful time of asking Jesus for all that was needed for the precious campers that were here that week.
- Henry at such a fun age of interacting with the staff, taking naps, sleeping all night, and just generally being a much a happier child than he was last summer.
- Weekly small group meetings
- All the rain and the cooler than normal summer temps
- Being pregnant with number two
- The intentional and good conversations that were had between us and summer staff

So many wonderful things about this summer but the thing we will miss the most (and always do miss) will be having the summer staff around. They bring a level of energy and joy that cannot be replaced during the rest of the year. It is so refreshing to see this ministry through the eyes of those that are here during the summer.

We are blessed and thankful to have been involved in all that the Lord did this summer through the ministry here. Praising Jesus for his work, his protection, and his faithfulness.

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