Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Couples Branson Trip:

This past weekend we dropped off the boy at Grandma's house and headed to Branson with our dear friends, Jon and Emily. We stayed in a free-to-us condo and enjoyed time away with these two. On the drive over we realized that we were celebrating our six year anniversary of being couple friends. (Doug and Jon go way back to elementary school, but the four of us really became close after we were engaged) This is the kind of friendship that is refreshing, fun, encouraging, and life-giving.

- experienced the Branson Walmart and made it out alive and with not enough food for all of us for the weekend. I think we were all a little distracted by the hundreds of people crammed on the dirty, crowed aisles.
- toured a 'winery'...which really turned out to be a tourist trap and the real winery was 250  miles away in a different town. We did get to watch a video of the real, beautiful winery. But we did get to experience Bob the bottler, he made the stop worth it.
- ate lunch at a restaurant without wrestling toddlers in highchairs.
- wanted an ice-cream snack in the afternoon so we stopped at Dairy Queen. We walked in and it was a walmart experience take 2. So we left before we even got in line and drove down the road and got frozen custard instead. (After we made Jon make a few left turns which proved to be almost impossible, but he used his experience driving in Honduras to get us there)
- decided to head back to the condo and not leave until the next morning. we took naps and showers.
- made frozen pizza for dinner but realized really quickly that we had really only bought enough for two people. so we finished our first pizza then took a walk to the convenience store down the road to buy another pizza and some pizza rolls. we can call that the night of frozen pizza products.

Really the highlight was precious time with these friends. We loved not having our kids with us for a bit. We talked about the upcoming additions to our families. We laughed. A lot. We had several topics that were off limits to insure that we really did have a break away from work and life. Weekends like this remind me how blessed we are to get to be friends with wonderful people. We love you, Jon and Emily! Thanks for the fun!

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I am so glad you guys got to have a little baby-free trip. Even if it WAS Branson :) You are all four wonderful people, so I am sure it was a wonderful time!