Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Henry got his first real sickness of his little life. We had a case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Don't know what that is? Literally a blistery rash all over his hands, feet, and mouth. It stressed me out. Big time. He was cranky (understandably). It is super contagious, so we were cooped up in the house most days. And it is a virus that has to 'work it's way out', no medicine out there to fix it. When I would try to put cream on his blisters on his face he would bury his face in my chest. The cuddles were appreciated. The not being able to put cream on his face was difficult.

A week later, I think we are all going to make it. Most of the blisters are gone and his sweet face is looking so so so much better.

During that time, some great friends came to visit. It was a great and welcomed distraction. We enjoyed lots of good laughs and conversations. It was just what my heart and mind needed. (Maybe not my body, because I am still tired from our late nights). We went to dinner in town and the restaurant was taking forever and Henry was getting restless. Doug and I took turns wrestling the little one. I got back to my seat to find a sweet text from one of my friends at the dinner that said "you are a great mom". I think I might have teared up. Just what I needed at the perfect moment. Friends are so good for my heart and soul.

And no more sickness, please.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

You ARE a great mom! You've been taking such good care of Henry, but I am so glad that he is almost all better!