Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Brief Glimpse into the Life of a Food Service Coordinator: Beauty of Summer

Summer is a funny thing around here at camp. It is busy. Crazy busy. Things going on constantly. But at the same time, Doug is able to have more consistent time off during the week. He has a much larger (and awesome) staff that are able to handle things while he is away during the summer than he does during the retreat season. He will have meals in the fall that are just as large but will have less than half the staff to run them. The schedule is exactly the same for nine weeks. It is nice to find a routine as a family. We try to make the very most of the time that Doug is here, because when he is working he is working long and hard hours.

We enjoy slowing down and drinking our coffee together. Going to the grocery store as a family. Reading books on the front porch. Taking naps. Making dinner at home. Watching movies from the Red Box or on Netflix. Eating lunch in town.

So, while summer is the busiest and craziest time at camp it is also a beautiful time of routine and simple pleasures.

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