Wednesday, July 31, 2013

23 Weeks:

Here at camp, there is a weird thing that happens almost all the time. There are almost always three ladies pregnant at one time. It shows the age of our staff and results in kids and babies everywhere. I have been the only lady pregnant so far this pregnant until this week when a good friend here announced her pregnancy. We are so excited for their family! And now we all just have to sit back and see who the last family to get pregnant is.

I love being pregnant and it is a weird thought that if we only have three children (which is the tentative plan as of now) then I am half way done being pregnant for my whole life. Remember how I talked about being so emotional last week. I need to stop talking about this whole concept before I start weeping. I love this stage of life and I love the awesome experience of being pregnant. I will just focus the here and now and treasure those sweet kicks and the growing belly.

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