Monday, July 22, 2013

21 weeks:

Dear Baby,

We got to see you during a longer ultrasound this week. We are not finding out if you are a boy or a girl, even though we could have found out this past week. [For the record, I think you are a girl]. You are currently breech (just like your big brother was at this point) so we will have another ultrasound later on to check and see if you have flipped. They will also check your kidneys at the ultrasound because they noticed that they are a little dilated. We are praying that your sweet kidneys will be just the perfect size the next time they check.

The best part was when the ultrasound tech showed us your face! It is amazing that we can see your sweet eyes, nose, mouth, and hands already. You are precious. But keep growing and changing. You weigh one pound.

We came home and showed Henry the pictures of his little brother/sister. He was truly excited to see the baby and keeps going over to the refrigerator and asks to look at them. I know you and him are going to be pals.

I love you already, sweet little one. More than you will ever know.


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