Wednesday, July 31, 2013

23 Weeks:

Here at camp, there is a weird thing that happens almost all the time. There are almost always three ladies pregnant at one time. It shows the age of our staff and results in kids and babies everywhere. I have been the only lady pregnant so far this pregnant until this week when a good friend here announced her pregnancy. We are so excited for their family! And now we all just have to sit back and see who the last family to get pregnant is.

I love being pregnant and it is a weird thought that if we only have three children (which is the tentative plan as of now) then I am half way done being pregnant for my whole life. Remember how I talked about being so emotional last week. I need to stop talking about this whole concept before I start weeping. I love this stage of life and I love the awesome experience of being pregnant. I will just focus the here and now and treasure those sweet kicks and the growing belly.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

22 Weeks:

If I had to pick one word to describe this week I would choose emotional. So, I might have started crying the other day because I was so tired and Doug came over and rubbed my head and hugged me. The combination of my sleepiness and his sweetness made me cry. Nothing major has happened really. Just lots of pregnancy hormones and late nights.

A little girl asked me today, "Do you have a baby in your belly? Or is your belly just getting really really big?". When a five year old stops playing and notices your growing belly, it is really sticking out there for all to see. I really do love it.

Doug came home and found me doing my prenatal yoga video. The specific exercise I was working on at the time was I was holding on to a chair and rotating my ankle one way and then the other. He laughed. And then I told him that for a pregnant lady, that counts as exercise.

And lastly, the other day I was driving in town and all I wanted was a turkey sandwich from this local sub shop. First real craving of the pregnancy.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Henry got his first real sickness of his little life. We had a case of Hand, Foot, and Mouth. Don't know what that is? Literally a blistery rash all over his hands, feet, and mouth. It stressed me out. Big time. He was cranky (understandably). It is super contagious, so we were cooped up in the house most days. And it is a virus that has to 'work it's way out', no medicine out there to fix it. When I would try to put cream on his blisters on his face he would bury his face in my chest. The cuddles were appreciated. The not being able to put cream on his face was difficult.

A week later, I think we are all going to make it. Most of the blisters are gone and his sweet face is looking so so so much better.

During that time, some great friends came to visit. It was a great and welcomed distraction. We enjoyed lots of good laughs and conversations. It was just what my heart and mind needed. (Maybe not my body, because I am still tired from our late nights). We went to dinner in town and the restaurant was taking forever and Henry was getting restless. Doug and I took turns wrestling the little one. I got back to my seat to find a sweet text from one of my friends at the dinner that said "you are a great mom". I think I might have teared up. Just what I needed at the perfect moment. Friends are so good for my heart and soul.

And no more sickness, please.

Monday, July 22, 2013

21 weeks:

Dear Baby,

We got to see you during a longer ultrasound this week. We are not finding out if you are a boy or a girl, even though we could have found out this past week. [For the record, I think you are a girl]. You are currently breech (just like your big brother was at this point) so we will have another ultrasound later on to check and see if you have flipped. They will also check your kidneys at the ultrasound because they noticed that they are a little dilated. We are praying that your sweet kidneys will be just the perfect size the next time they check.

The best part was when the ultrasound tech showed us your face! It is amazing that we can see your sweet eyes, nose, mouth, and hands already. You are precious. But keep growing and changing. You weigh one pound.

We came home and showed Henry the pictures of his little brother/sister. He was truly excited to see the baby and keeps going over to the refrigerator and asks to look at them. I know you and him are going to be pals.

I love you already, sweet little one. More than you will ever know.


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Brief Glimpse into the Life of a Food Service Coordinator: Beauty of Summer

Summer is a funny thing around here at camp. It is busy. Crazy busy. Things going on constantly. But at the same time, Doug is able to have more consistent time off during the week. He has a much larger (and awesome) staff that are able to handle things while he is away during the summer than he does during the retreat season. He will have meals in the fall that are just as large but will have less than half the staff to run them. The schedule is exactly the same for nine weeks. It is nice to find a routine as a family. We try to make the very most of the time that Doug is here, because when he is working he is working long and hard hours.

We enjoy slowing down and drinking our coffee together. Going to the grocery store as a family. Reading books on the front porch. Taking naps. Making dinner at home. Watching movies from the Red Box or on Netflix. Eating lunch in town.

So, while summer is the busiest and craziest time at camp it is also a beautiful time of routine and simple pleasures.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

20 Weeks:


                                                              20 Weeks Baby #2...

                                                                 20 Weeks Henry...

I am already half way through this pregnancy. How crazy it is to think that we only have 20 more weeks to go until we meet this little one. I feel much larger this time at 20 weeks. I thought the picture comparison was fun to see. I feel like just this past week I have gotten several more "you look pregnant" now comments. I like them. Because, I agree. I feel much more pregnant now. But there is a part of me that is wondering just exactly how big I can/will stretch out.

I have noticed this time around I have been much more emotional than last time. In fact, the other day I drove by a large truck full of chickens on their way to the butcher. I got chocked up thinking about how those chickens had moms at one point. Good grief. I am irrationally emotional I tell ya. Any mother/child relationship makes me super sappy.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Henry Lately...


- We have been reading H's "dig dig" book every single day. Many times throughout the day. We are a bit obsessed with trucks and diggers over here. Last night he woke up at 3:00 am crying. I went to check on him and he immediately said "dig dig". Serious love I tell you.
- He rubs his belly when you ask him if he is hungry.
- He asks for "more" flax seed sprinkled in his yogurt if I forget to put it in.
- He sits in our laps longer and will listen to an entire book better now.
- There is a huge Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal at the Salvation Army in town. Every time we pull into the parking lot he asks for Pooh. Thankfully no one (so far) thinks they need a massive Pooh in their home. It will be a sad day when Pooh gets sold.
- He nods his head yes and no.
- Sometimes he screams and throws his body on the floor if he does not get what he wants. (I know it is hard to imagine)
- He has 12 teeth! A miracle I tell you!
- He laughs when we kill flies, put water on his face in the bath, and tickle his legs.
- Likes his water best in a plastic cup with a few ice cubes.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Our July 4th:

We started our evening with a picnic down in camp of bbq chicken and red, white, and blue parfaits. Doug got off work and we headed into town to buy a few toddler friendly fireworks to shoot off with H before he went to bed. His favorites were the snap dragons and he would giggle after each one. The other ones that Doug lit, Henry watched with big eyes from my lap. After every single one, he signed for more. He was very fascinated with what was happening, even though he had a very serious look plastered on his face the entire time. Some of the neighbor kids came over and showed Henry what a sparkler was. Maybe next summer he will be big enough to have his own.

It was a pretty special family celebration. I sure did not mind having H sit so still on my lap for so long!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Things My Husband Has Built:

Doug has many many hobbies. He got a saw for Christmas and a subscription to Wood Working a new hobby was born. Over the past several months he has slowly added hand built pieces to our home and yard. I really like this hobby of his.

We had to buy a new washer and dyer last summer after our hand-me-downs bit the dust. We did not want to spend the several hundred dollars on stands, so Doug built them for me for Mother's Day for a fraction of the price. It is wonderfully practical.

Then he had some extra pallets laying around down in camp, he brought them home and just a few days later we have this awesome outdoor couch/bed. It was a very cheap project. Free wood, a free mattress, and a half-off sale on outdoor pillows helped with that.We have sat on it everyday so far.

Lastly, we rearranged our living room a while back and needed to figure out something to hang over the couch. I love collage walls but know that Doug hates putting holes in walls. So, I asked for a ledge that I can change as often as I want and it only needed a few holes in the walls. Doug was actually a bit disappointed with how easy this project was. It was so simple and I love how it turned out.

He has already asked me for another project.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

19 Weeks:

Currently loving:
- That people know can tell that I am pregnant. Not just gaining weight in my mid section.
- The gentle movements. (It never gets old. Such an amazing thing)
- Whole milk to help the heartburn
- Thinking about having not one, but two kids. My heart might explode.

Currently not loving:
- Already having a hard time getting into bed. We recently bought a mattress topper to help our puny mattress. It is only three inches high, but it seems soooo much taller to me.
- Heart burn
- How sleepy the summer heat, chasing a toddler around, and growing a new baby makes me.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Weekend Fun:

This past weekend I went to my first girls slumber party in years. Doug and Henry stayed at home and I headed to our friends in-laws house. Really all we did was talk and eat and sleep just a little bit. It was time spent with some of my very favorite people in the whole world. It was also time spend away from Henry, as much as I love the guy it is nice to have a 24 hour break. Dad and Henry had the best day playing outside, building a bench for our backyard, and eating tacos together in town.

Sunday we went out to breakfast to Waffle House. Only the second time we have been since it has opened in town. The first time, I was one week away from delivering Henry. I loved looking next to me and seeing my big boy eating his waffle. So so glad it was him I was pregnant with not so long ago. Then we went to Lowes to pick up the last few things we needed to finish the big yard project.

Our weekend was simple, satisfying, and full of so many sweet conversations and moments.