Monday, June 17, 2013

Grace's Graduation Trip:

We took a trip last week to Montana to watch my littlest sister graduate high school. It was truly good for our souls to be in the mountains and away with family. I love times like that in life. 

- Granny surprising us ALL (except for Dad) and coming for the week. Any time with her with sweet, but unexpected time with her is even better! There was a cry fest when she walked into the house. It was such a joy watching her and Henry together. She learned very quickly how to get him to laugh. She is such a great Granny!
- Sitting with the other siblings during Grace's graduation. Sharing candy, spying on her through the binoculars, and watching YouTube videos of the speaker skiing. I think we are all pretty proud of our Grace.
- Henry saying 'Papa' over and over and over. He quickly fell in love with Papa and the fish at the church that Papa took him to see. Since coming home we still ask for Papa everyday. Such a sweet sound to my ears.
- Girl time (minus mom, she was working. boo) drinking coffee and finding sweet deals at the Thrift store. A typical Keena outing. 
- Doug got several naps in the hammock outside in the shade. 
- Loaded Questions and Dad's popcorn. (NIXON)
- Day trip to Yellowstone. Which included a baby bear and mama, Old Faithful, a beautiful picnic, waterfalls,  bison everywhere, and matching hats for Dad and Doug.
- David's basketball game, grocery shopping with mom, talking to Nick and Grace, meeting Penelope (Andrew's dog), sitting outside in the evenings, pizza night, going to Sunday School with mom, hearing dad preach, and a picnic in the park.

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