Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Camp Roles:

I have had several different roles here at camp over the past ten years. I have been a counselor, the canteen manager, and leadership counselor. Our first summer we lived here on resident staff I worked full-time in the office. The past two summers I have been more tied down at home with Henry. This Sunday camp started and I was equal parts excited and frustrated. Excited that summer camp was finally here. Frustrated with my lack of involvement. I found myself wishing I could be down at camp helping with registration, talking to parents, and connecting with staff. Instead, I was at home with Henry hearing the faint sounds of registration drift up through the valley.

I am learning and growing through this and I am constantly being challenged. I am being reminded that my role is still a very important role. It is just a very different role that I have played past summers. My role is now much more in the support role...more behind the scene. I can still be very involved in what is happening down at camp but I have to be more intentional and more creative. I have been thinking through my current role...

I help post payments on accounts Sunday afternoons after the campers have all checked in, I make a weekly dinner for our kitchen staff and host them in our home, this summer we have started meeting as wives to pray for each camper and counselor weekly, I write encouragement notes to staff, and take turns hosting one guy and one girl small group. (As well as the obvious role of being Doug's wife and support team and Henry's mom and helping meet his every need)

When I think through those things I am reminded that I do, in fact, serve a purpose here at camp. I need to rest in knowing that my role is an important role, it is just a different role. It is a true reminder that the Lord uses us as long as we are willing to being used.

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