Thursday, May 2, 2013

Change and Growth:

Someone is getting bigger and older by the day. Of course this is a good thing. But it really  has been crazy to watch the development take place from 12 months to 17 months. He is a totally different kid. He climbs on the couch with his books and flips the pages all by himself. He eats his snacks and a lot of meals unassisted. His hair has grown. A lot. Especially in the back of his head. It is much more difficult to get a picture of him because he is pretty sure he needs to be grabbing the camera instead of letting me take his picture.

There are still challenges. But they are so different from what they use to be. We can actually drink a cup of coffee in the morning now without him throwing a fit wanting to hold our coffee mugs. He can entertain himself much longer than he use to. I do not have to constantly hold him, in fact he runs away most of the times when I do try to hold him. He sleeps at night. All night. If he is crying, we know exactly why he is crying and we can usually make it stop. He knows what a lot of our words our means and at times will actually listen to them.


Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

It is so amazing to see how much he has grown. He is such a big boy! I am so glad some things are going so much smoother. You are such a great mom, Danae!

KillerB said...

I'm SO glad that he is doing so well and bringing such obvious joy. He is such a little man.

Molly said...

I cannot believe how much he has grown up! Love the pictures and the updates. :) Hope you both are well!