Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Years:

Breakfast at the 24 Diner in Austin, TX

We celebrated our five year anniversary back in April with our trip to Austin, but this past weekend was the actual day. We spent the day with Brad, Jeanette, and Anson. Time spent watching two cute boys playing, eating meals together, and good conversations  We also helped two of our staff members at their wedding. It was pretty special to attend a wedding here at camp on our actual anniversary. Weddings are such great reminders of the vows that we have made each other many years ago. And for dinner we enjoyed grilled hamburgers while watching a Thunder basketball game. Not your typical anniversary, but it was such a great (busy) day.

Year Five Highlights: Our first getaway to Austin, a trip to Williamsburg, VA to visit family, Bon Iver Concert, watching the Olympics with summer staff, some great friend's weddings, the continual process of becoming Henry's parents together, a Thanksgiving spent with just our little family, Henry's 1st birthday, the Tulsa Run, and Christmas with BOTH of our families.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

Happy 5 year, Castles! So glad we get to share a fun 2008 with you guys :)