Thursday, May 23, 2013

18 Months:

H is now closer to two than one. This concept is a little mind blowing for me. The first year had many challenges and lots of sleep deprivation. In a lot of ways, his first year of  life dragged on and time moved pretty slowly. After the year mark, the crying is less and the sleep is more. We genuinely have fun together now that he is able to walk, run, say a few words, and has much more of his personality. The past six months have flown by!

At 18 months Henry:
- Weighs 24 pound, 33 inches tall
- Says dada, joosh (juice), kruck (truck), allll (ball), oook (book)
- Still loves to eat. some favorites are cherry tomatoes, yogurt, cheerios with milk, cheese sticks, strawberries, and grapes. And loves juice, shown by the fact that it is one of his only words.
- Takes one nap a day from about 12:45 - 2:00. Wakes up at 7:00 most days. In bed at night around 6:30.
- Still loves his books, paci, bikes, and touching every rock that he passes on the road.
- Has a determined and focused attitude toward life. Not easy to distract or redirect once he has his mind set on something. Still  pretty serious and apprehensive in unknown settings. He is most comfortable and most silly when he is tired, at home, and with Dad.
- Some new favorites are cups of ice water from Sonic, his plastic golf clubs, pretending to fall asleep, and watching kids go off the blob in the creek.
- Biggest challenges: teething (yes we are still teething. does it ever end?), diaper changes and car seat time, the constant need to move and how frustrated he gets when he has to sit still, not knowing how to come when called, the fits when he does not get what he wants.
- Greatest joys: hearing him say 'dada' as we walk around camp looking for Dad, watching him try to make us laugh, seeing him run towards us when we pick him up from nursery or come home from being away, checking on him as he is sleeping so sweetly before we head to bed, seeing the world through his little eyes, his laugh and bright smile.

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