Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mom Thoughts:

One of my greatest friends became a mom yesterday for the first time. I was rather emotional getting texts about the labor, seeing his picture for the first time, and then getting to hold the sweet little one. I also spent much of the day remembering how I first became a mom. The long labor. The first time we met. The week in the NICU after. The transition home. And on and on.

It really is crazy to me that I have been a mom for 17 months. My journey has only begun even though we are much farther ahead from where we were the day he was born. Honestly, I still have many moments where I get a little overwhelmed at the thought of mothering and parenting for the rest of my life. I have times where I sit and think about how much more Henry has to learn and grow and change and it can get a little scary.  I remind myself that I am not doing this alone. I need to take it one day at a time and truly cherish the calling I have on my life to be a mom.

I can honestly say that having Henry in our life has made it better than I could have ever imagined. (Harder yes, but hard things can be good things). The amount of growth that I have personally experienced since he has been born has been unlike anything I had ever imagined. The love I have for his precious little life is deeper than I knew was possible. I am blessed to be called mom. [Even when it is overwhelming at times]

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Austin Anniversary:

We will celebrate five years of marriage in May. This past weekend was one of the only weekends that worked for us to get away for a few nights to celebrate. We decided to go to Austin because neither of us had ever been there, it was semi-close, and it was cheap!

Some highlights/thoughts:

- It was my first time spending a few nights away from Henry. It was wonderful, but weird. I checked the backseat several times on the drive down thinking that Henry was back there. It was nice having a break, but I felt a little lost without him.

- The first night we were there I left my phone in a gas station. I was most sad at the thought that I would not be able to instagram the rest of the trip. Doug was most sad at the thought of how much $$$ it would take to replace. Thankfully the lady had it at the counter.

- We ate lots of wonderful food. The favorites were our lunch at Easy Tiger and our breakfast at 24 Diner.

- The first night I was asleep around 9:30. The next night we lived it up a little more and listened to live music and ate slices of pizza at 10:30.

- There are lots and lots of smokers in Austin. (yuck)

- It was such a great time of just being together, without interruptions. We enjoyed long walks, browsing shops, and great conversations. It felt so good to spend intentional time on our relationship. We have a pretty great thing going on. We are deeply blessed to have what we do.