Sunday, March 24, 2013


I feel like we have had some super busy days and then we have super slow laid back days. We are in between the slower winter pace and not quite to the super crazy Spring here at camp. We are taking advantage of those days off that we all have together.

Some things:

- Last week Doug watched Henry and sent me into town to get a massage. I think I might have almost cried when he told me he planned that for me. My body gets pretty tired carrying (and wrestling) a 25 pound boy. The lady said "Oh, sweetheart" several times as she massaged the knots out of my neck. Doug takes good care of me.

- We bought plane tickets to go see my littlest sister graduate high school in June. Pretty exciting stuff right there.

- I had jury duty and was almost picked for a manslaughter case. The good Lord knew I would not be able to handle sitting in a court room for two weeks straight listening to such sadness. I was thankfully dismissed.

- Doug and I are going to Austin this weekend to celebrate 5 years of marriage. I am ready to eat good food, sleep as long as we want, and have him all to myself for a few days.

- I love little blessings. Most recent one, a practically brand new Columbia jacket at Salvation Army for $5.00. I love that the Lord knows even our smallest needs and provides.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I am just smiling really big right now. This was such a lovely, Danae-like post. I love you so much, friend. Have a really wonderful time in Austin. Can't wait to see pics via Instagram!