Monday, March 11, 2013

15 1/2 Month Old Henry:

- gives eskimo kisses by shaking his whole head back and forth
- can point to his nose, ears, and belly
- has his mouth wide open in amazement about half the time
- will get certain books, his balls, and other toys when asked
- loves to eat chips and anything else that crunches on his little teeth
- will go and knock on the door
- loves to watch his baby einstien movies
- is fascinated by all trucks, diggers, and dozers
- dances to music, his signature move is to rotate in a circle on one foot.
- signs for 'more' even when he already has more on his plate
- reads books in the car
- sleeps great, eats great
- happiest when he is outside and/or when both mom and dad are home
- has lots of tickle spots and the sweetest laugh

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