Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Henry has One Great Dad:

Henry has one great dad.

He works hard to provide for him. He slides with him down the slide at the park because he is not quite sturdy enough to slide without tipping over . Whenever he puts his deodorant on in the morning he pretends to rub some on Henry's arm pits. He helps Henry brush his teeth in the morning. He changes his diapers (and somehow always makes him laugh while doing so). He wakes up with him in the morning and feeds him his breakfast. He plays the guitar but lets Henry crawl all over his lap and in the guitar case making it very difficult to actually play the guitar. He plays "turkey dad" and "chicken dad". He talks in funny accents which immediately bring a smile to H's face. He takes his time off seriously and makes sure to spend quality time playing and making memories with Henry. He tells Henry how much he loves him on a daily basis.

Henry has one great dad.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Sweetest Moments:

It has been so special to see Henry start to show us affection over the past several months. He is not one to sit and cuddle for long but he has started to lean his little body into ours and relax for a bit. He also will grab our face and turn it towards his and rub his head back and forth. He pats our backs. Rests his head on our shoulders. The other day he even slept on me while I transferred him from his car seat to his crib. Sweetest moments indeed.

Sunday, March 24, 2013


I feel like we have had some super busy days and then we have super slow laid back days. We are in between the slower winter pace and not quite to the super crazy Spring here at camp. We are taking advantage of those days off that we all have together.

Some things:

- Last week Doug watched Henry and sent me into town to get a massage. I think I might have almost cried when he told me he planned that for me. My body gets pretty tired carrying (and wrestling) a 25 pound boy. The lady said "Oh, sweetheart" several times as she massaged the knots out of my neck. Doug takes good care of me.

- We bought plane tickets to go see my littlest sister graduate high school in June. Pretty exciting stuff right there.

- I had jury duty and was almost picked for a manslaughter case. The good Lord knew I would not be able to handle sitting in a court room for two weeks straight listening to such sadness. I was thankfully dismissed.

- Doug and I are going to Austin this weekend to celebrate 5 years of marriage. I am ready to eat good food, sleep as long as we want, and have him all to myself for a few days.

- I love little blessings. Most recent one, a practically brand new Columbia jacket at Salvation Army for $5.00. I love that the Lord knows even our smallest needs and provides.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Family Photos:

Our great friend, Esther has done it again. She has captured some truly beautiful pictures of our family. She is so patient and wonderful. Especially with a little boy who is not exactly fond of sitting still and taking pictures. I will treasure these always and forever.

And, if you ever need your pictures taken. You really should ask Esther.

Monday, March 11, 2013

15 1/2 Month Old Henry:

- gives eskimo kisses by shaking his whole head back and forth
- can point to his nose, ears, and belly
- has his mouth wide open in amazement about half the time
- will get certain books, his balls, and other toys when asked
- loves to eat chips and anything else that crunches on his little teeth
- will go and knock on the door
- loves to watch his baby einstien movies
- is fascinated by all trucks, diggers, and dozers
- dances to music, his signature move is to rotate in a circle on one foot.
- signs for 'more' even when he already has more on his plate
- reads books in the car
- sleeps great, eats great
- happiest when he is outside and/or when both mom and dad are home
- has lots of tickle spots and the sweetest laugh

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Sunny Hike:

We are right smack dab in the middle of those darn molars coming in. We have had one little puny and very grumpy baby on our hands. It has made the past few days more challenging than usual. Yesterday I went into town and came home in a bad mood from a stressful grocery shopping trip. Doug asked what would help.

I said Subway sandwiches and time outside.

We borrowed our friends baby backpack, stopped by Subway, and drove just a few miles to our closest natural park. We were the only people there, so we enjoyed a private picnic and clear trails. The only smile we got from Henry the whole time was right when we put him in the backpack. He thought it was pretty cool to be riding on Dad's back.

The hike was super short but it was sunny and beautiful. Henry just soaked it all up.He loved watching the water falls and seeing the turtles sunbathing on a rock. Doug and I enjoyed not having a crying baby for a while and getting some of that sweet sweet vitamin D.  It was the perfect way to help turn a hard day into a great day.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Recent Favorites:

- Watching the Lord work in my siblings hearts and lives.
- Looking at houses on-line.
- Oatmeal Peanut Butter Cup Cookies
- Laughing at Henry when he crosses his arms on the table
- On-line strength workouts that I can do in my living room while watching t.v.
- House Hunters hour from 9-10 pm each night.
- Yogi Bedtime tea (warning: it makes me super sleepy, super fast. Be ready for bed if you drink it!)

Saturday, March 2, 2013

This Past Week We:

- We have had the most winter like weather the past few weeks. Several days of snow dusted trees when we wake up in the morning. Lots of warm drinks and sweatshirts to keep us warm.
- Went grocery shopping with the little one. Enjoyed a nearly empty store and having a helper hold my produce.
- Doug took great care of me as usual by taking out the trash, making me eggs for breakfast, and giving me leg rubs at night. I am spoiled.
- I read a book to our good friend's 2nd grade class for Read Across America week.
- Had a pizza lunch date.
- Doug had a breakfast meeting in town.
- Watched the Top Chef finale.
- I successfully built two fires in our wood stove without any help from Doug.
- Celebrated Alex's birthday in town with dinner and frozen yogurt.