Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Past Week We:

- Had a game night with some of our favorites. Boys won. We ate cookies. And there was lots of 'table talk'.
- Had a new family here at camp over for dinner. It was great to get to talk to them and get to know their kids a little bit better. We are so happy they are here.
- Doug had a rec league basketball game in town. They lost, but had a great time.
- We watched Beasts of the Southern Wild. There was possibly that saddest line I have ever heard in a movie in this one. Broke my little heart.
- We had several rainy days so we had to squeeze in our outside play time whenever we got a chance.
- Watched a Thunder basketball game while eating Taco Mac.
- Sometimes Henry will be playing hard and then he will roll onto the floor and lay there awhile. It is always so funny watching him take his breaks from playing so hard.

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