Thursday, February 7, 2013

Talking to my Love:

dating days. 2007. 

Doug has been out of town for the past three days. There is a camp conference that most of our staff are attending. The location this year is out in the middle of no where with no cell phone reception. We have not been able to talk at all and it has been much harder than I thought it would be. In thinking back over the past eight years that Doug and I have been together I realized that we have never gone this long without talking. Even in dating long distance for three years, we talked every day. All the other times since marriage when Doug has been out of town we have been able to talk almost every day. I like talking to him. And I am so glad that after close to five years of marriage, I still want him around. I still like sharing my house with him. I still want to share my bed with him each and every night. I still miss him even if he is gone only for a few days. I am so ready to have him home and talk to him. He is my most favorite one to have conversations with. 

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