Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Two Valentines Day:

On Valentine's night we hosted a dinner for our interns here at our house. We ate white chicken enchiladas and cookies and cream cupcakes. Then we played a round of Family Feud. It was the slowest game of Family Feud I have ever seen but I think fun was had by all. The night ended with us watching a sad OKC Thunder loss. Henry got to hang out with everyone for a bit before he had to go to bed. He is so curious so he mainly walked around the house checking out what all these people were doing in his house. At one point several people sat on the floor and Henry walked right over and sat down in the middle of them. I love watching him  move throughout the house with confidence.

On Friday, Doug told me not to worry about dinner. He came home with two steaks, three potatoes, and some asparagus. Such a typical 'fancy' dinner, but oh so good. Then we exchanged gifts. I got Doug a new tool and he got me a new blender. (Because we are a perfect blend, so he said). The other part of my gift was a gallon of vanilla ice-cream to make milkshakes. We wanted to watch a funny movie so we decided to watch Jeff Who Lives at Home on Netflix. For the record, it is not a funny movie. We were both disappointed, so we ended the evening watching a few episodes of Parks and Rec. That show made us laugh.

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