Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Few Things I love:

- My husband. The one who is patient with me. Who is committed to making our relationship the best it can be. The one I am so happy to share our bed and our body pillow with each night. The one that brings so much joy and laughter into my life. My most favorite person in the whole entire world.

- My Henry. The one who came into our lives only 14 months ago but has taken our hearts by storm. The one that brings constant joy as we watch him grow and change. Who makes us laugh constantly with his fake laugh, his head nods, and his dance moves. The one that we wonder what we did before we had him in our life and makes us amazed at how much better our lives are with him in it.

- My family members that are spread all over the country. The ones that call with encouragement when we need it. The ones that love their little nephew/grandson so well. The ones that I wish we could spend more time with on a consistent basis.

- My friendships. The ones that are comfortable and relaxed. The ones that pray for, encourage, help, and bring so much happiness into our lives. The ones where we can talk for hours, go on vacations together, and share an egg if we run out.

- Other not nearly as important things we love: finding an extra quarter in a grocery cart at Aldi, fun mail, new jeans, good books, hot coffee, baking sweet treats, sippy cups that don't leak, and phones that take pictures.

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