Thursday, February 28, 2013

Blog to Book:

We started our blog before we were married. We have had five different homes. Lived in three different cities. Had one baby. Worked six different jobs. Taken various trips to see family and trips just for fun. Visited friends. Made and eaten a lot of good food. Gone to sporting events and concerts. Holidays have been celebrated. A lot has happened since we started our little blog.

I used Blurb and turned our blog entries into a book. I am so pleased with how it turned out. I did have to justify to Doug why we needed to spend money on something that we can easily access on-line at anytime but he let me run with it and satisfy my desire to have a book that we can put on our bookshelf that is full of memories and pictures of our life together.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

"Snow" Day:

Here in Oklahoma we generally get one good snow a year. But for the past two winter's we have had pitiful snow fall. Yesterday was the most significant snow we have had and it was wet and melted within a few hours. We did bundle up and go out and play in it for a little while. Henry actually enjoyed the mud and puddles more than the snow. He also decided he needed to bring out the spatula from the kitchen to help him in his adventures. The play ended once he sat all the way in a puddle and his entire body got soaked.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Family of Three:

I was taking a picture of Doug and I on the couch when H walked over to see what was going on. I pulled him into our laps and he cooperated and we got a family picture. I remember hearing parents say that they don't remember life without their children in it. I always had negative thoughts toward that feeling. I was sad to think that I would forget about Doug and I's 3 1/2 year marriage before we had H. Now that we have our H in our life I realize more what  they mean by that. I really truly think it is a positive thing. It is hard to think about life without H because he makes our current life so wonderful. He brings an unexplained amount of joy into our lives. Without him, there would be a huge void. I think the idea is more about what the children bring into our lives rather than the absence of the memories of just the two of us.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Showing Some Love:

Doug worked all day yesterday so I was able to enjoy watching How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days on tv while waiting for him to get home. As I was watching the movie I got hungry. Doug came home and he asked how I was doing. I said I was hungry. After searching the kitchen, I decided I was really not the hungry after all. After telling Doug this,  I looked over and noticed a funny little expression on his face. It is then I started to realize that he was hungry. Like real hungry. We went back and forth on who should drive into town at 9:00 pm to get a snack. I ended up agreeing and told him it was only because I loved him. I drove into town and settled on McDonald's, because they have the fastest drive-thru and were most likely to still have hot food.

I showed Doug love by going to get him food to fill his hungry belly and he showed me love by recording the movie so I was able to pick right back up where I have left off.

Sometimes it truly is the littlest things that show love to each other.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Our Two Valentines Day:

On Valentine's night we hosted a dinner for our interns here at our house. We ate white chicken enchiladas and cookies and cream cupcakes. Then we played a round of Family Feud. It was the slowest game of Family Feud I have ever seen but I think fun was had by all. The night ended with us watching a sad OKC Thunder loss. Henry got to hang out with everyone for a bit before he had to go to bed. He is so curious so he mainly walked around the house checking out what all these people were doing in his house. At one point several people sat on the floor and Henry walked right over and sat down in the middle of them. I love watching him  move throughout the house with confidence.

On Friday, Doug told me not to worry about dinner. He came home with two steaks, three potatoes, and some asparagus. Such a typical 'fancy' dinner, but oh so good. Then we exchanged gifts. I got Doug a new tool and he got me a new blender. (Because we are a perfect blend, so he said). The other part of my gift was a gallon of vanilla ice-cream to make milkshakes. We wanted to watch a funny movie so we decided to watch Jeff Who Lives at Home on Netflix. For the record, it is not a funny movie. We were both disappointed, so we ended the evening watching a few episodes of Parks and Rec. That show made us laugh.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Few Things I love:

- My husband. The one who is patient with me. Who is committed to making our relationship the best it can be. The one I am so happy to share our bed and our body pillow with each night. The one that brings so much joy and laughter into my life. My most favorite person in the whole entire world.

- My Henry. The one who came into our lives only 14 months ago but has taken our hearts by storm. The one that brings constant joy as we watch him grow and change. Who makes us laugh constantly with his fake laugh, his head nods, and his dance moves. The one that we wonder what we did before we had him in our life and makes us amazed at how much better our lives are with him in it.

- My family members that are spread all over the country. The ones that call with encouragement when we need it. The ones that love their little nephew/grandson so well. The ones that I wish we could spend more time with on a consistent basis.

- My friendships. The ones that are comfortable and relaxed. The ones that pray for, encourage, help, and bring so much happiness into our lives. The ones where we can talk for hours, go on vacations together, and share an egg if we run out.

- Other not nearly as important things we love: finding an extra quarter in a grocery cart at Aldi, fun mail, new jeans, good books, hot coffee, baking sweet treats, sippy cups that don't leak, and phones that take pictures.

Friday, February 8, 2013

This Past Week We:

- I had jury duty on Monday. I had no idea what to expect so Doug was prepared to watch Henry all day. I showed up and raised my right hand twice, stood when the judge walked in, and listened to the explanation that we are all 'on call' until the end of April. They will draw our names out of a cigar box and call us if we get picked. I was only there an hour. Because of the unexpected day together we made the most of it and went into town for lunch. We ran into Rhett and Jennifer there and crashed their booth for an fun lunch together.
- We rearranged our living room. We both love doing that.
- Doug went out of town for three days. And we missed him a lot. As you might imagine. It is so much more work when dad is gone.
- Had a girls night with some of my favorites. We enjoyed cheap pizza, chocolate peanut butter cup cookies, and conversation.
- Henry and I went to Hobby Lobby and Goodwill.
- Gave Henry a bath one night super early. He was cranky and a bath helps get rid of the crankies. We are right in the middle of the two to one nap battle.
- Watched a lot of House Hunters
- Spent a lot of time under quilts
- I had the horrible idea of taking Maxwell and Henry on a walk by myself. We are still not quite ready for that.
- Henry spilled an entire box of cheerios on the floor and learned how to climb on top of the coffee table

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Talking to my Love:

dating days. 2007. 

Doug has been out of town for the past three days. There is a camp conference that most of our staff are attending. The location this year is out in the middle of no where with no cell phone reception. We have not been able to talk at all and it has been much harder than I thought it would be. In thinking back over the past eight years that Doug and I have been together I realized that we have never gone this long without talking. Even in dating long distance for three years, we talked every day. All the other times since marriage when Doug has been out of town we have been able to talk almost every day. I like talking to him. And I am so glad that after close to five years of marriage, I still want him around. I still like sharing my house with him. I still want to share my bed with him each and every night. I still miss him even if he is gone only for a few days. I am so ready to have him home and talk to him. He is my most favorite one to have conversations with. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lots of Learning:

When we play outside I try to let Henry get dirty and explore. I want him to experience his surroundings and
learn how things work. It is hard for me to not swoop in and help or correct him when he is doing something
differently then I would do them. I have to remind myself to let him struggle, get dirty, and simply slow down
and play. He has a lot to learn about life and I hope that as his parents we are giving him plenty of opportunities to experiences new sights, smells, tastes, and sounds.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Pictures Together:

I am still reminding myself to get in pictures with Henry. I force myself to ask Doug to take pictures of us together and not just be the one always taking the pictures. Hopefully Henry will like seeing the two of us together some day. The first picture is the "good" picture the second picture is the "real" picture. Let's be honest, Henry would rather be running around playing with his blue ball than take pictures with his mom.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Birthday Weekend:

We drove to Tulsa to celebrate Doug's birthday this weekend. We were able to squeeze in a lot of quality time with some of our very favorites. And we ate fried chicken twice.

We also....

- Had dinner with the Odom's. We ate and let the kids play together then we went and put Henry down for bed at Grandma's house while they put Libby to bed. After the babes were in bed we played Sequence,drank coffee, and Doug blew out his only birthday candle on a scone. Great time with some of our very favorites.
- Went shopping at the mall for new jeans.
- Had coffee with the Sullivan's. We were not able to spend nearly long enough with them, but it was great getting in some quality conversations in a short amount of time. We sure do like those two.
- Had birthday dinner at S&J's downtown.
- Spent some time at Doug's cousins house for a super late family Christmas get together.
- We got to sleep in on Saturday thanks to Grandma. She got up with Henry, fed him breakfast, and played with him while we slept away. It was pretty great.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

This Past Week We:

- Had a game night with some of our favorites. Boys won. We ate cookies. And there was lots of 'table talk'.
- Had a new family here at camp over for dinner. It was great to get to talk to them and get to know their kids a little bit better. We are so happy they are here.
- Doug had a rec league basketball game in town. They lost, but had a great time.
- We watched Beasts of the Southern Wild. There was possibly that saddest line I have ever heard in a movie in this one. Broke my little heart.
- We had several rainy days so we had to squeeze in our outside play time whenever we got a chance.
- Watched a Thunder basketball game while eating Taco Mac.
- Sometimes Henry will be playing hard and then he will roll onto the floor and lay there awhile. It is always so funny watching him take his breaks from playing so hard.