Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Thunder Basketball Game Date:

I have said it about a million times, we have the best friends in our life. Seriously. We were given two tickets to an OKC Thunder game and a night of babysitting by some of those great friends in our life. Doug and I enjoyed the drive over and back without having our little man in the back 'talking' to us. We called in an order to Pei Wei and picked it up as we drove through Tulsa. The basketball was not the best because we were down by more than 20 at the half  we did somehow fight back at one point. But the game ended with KD getting thrown out of the game and a loss. We still had a great time enjoying 'loud city' and seeing our favorite basketball team live.

We enjoyed our date night so much. Especially after the holidays where we spent minimal time with just the two of us. Thanks friends, we appreciate how you love and care for our family.

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