Friday, January 11, 2013

This Past Week We:

- Had a National Championship party. The game was super lame, but the company was wonderful. The party was early enough in the evening that Henry got to attend.
- Played basketball in the gym.
- Made a chocolate sheet cake. (which Doug has requested for his birthday)
- Watched a lot of Raising Hope.
- Went to a breakfast down at camp with a mom's group. Henry went to childcare and upon arrival I found out they moved him up a class. He is now in the toddler class. Crazy that they are letting tiny,itty-bitty, babies into that class now.
- Drank lots of coffee and spent lots of time reading the word. Helps keep perspective when the nights are long and the hours of sleep are short.
- Doug and Dalton spent lots of time cleaning and reorganizing the kitchen in camp. It looks awesome!
- Had soup night one night and then I rewarded Doug the next night with sloppy joe's for dinner. I think he forgave me for soup night.
- Spent several evenings on the couch-bed under warm blankets. It is the perfect time of year for couch-bed cuddles.

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