Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Keena Christmas:

This is the first Christmas that we were able to spend time with all of our family. The Keena family welcomed us home from our time with Doug's family. We appreciate the sacrifices our family members made to be together. It was a special time, especially at the end of a hard year for several members in our family.

Unlike Castle Christmas, most of our mornings had a much slower and later start. We were up early every morning because Henry did not get the memo that everyone else was sleeping in, but our home slowly filled up throughout the morning hours as people made their way over for breakfast. Several people went off and saw friends at various times. We played games. Ate all of our meals at home except our dinner at Chick-fa-la and a potluck at church on Sunday. Spent time with Bethany's boyfriend, Jeff. Emily made pumpkin bars. We shot BB guns. Took family photos. Watched football games. David and Doug played basketball.

We had several special conversations over the course of the week. What a blessing it was to listen, encourage, and have face to face conversations. Something that is much harder to do when family members live 20 hours away. We are blessed to know that the Lord is in control and that he holds our family in His arms. Thankful to have so many special people placed in our lives.

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