Wednesday, January 16, 2013


photo credit: from the facebook page...aka, Justin Metcalfe

Doug was working on Friday when someone ran into the kitchen and said that there was a fire in the gym. Dalton and him quickly ran down to the gym to find that there was not just a fire in the gym, rather the gym was on fire. Several fire departments came out to help fight the fire. It became obvious very fast that they were not going to be able to save the building so they turned there attention to saving the surrounding buildings. It was a rather crazy afternoon. We are blessed that there were no injuries and that no other areas of camp were ruined. There were five interns living in the apartment that was attached to the gym, so they lost all of their belongings. It has been neat to see how the community has come together to help these guys out.

It has been a little crazy around these parts lately. Thankfully, God is in control.

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