Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ages and Stages: 14 months

- Watching him learn new things everyday. Especially learning what our words mean.
- Walking! He is so much happier now that he walks and I love the freedom of not having to carry him all the time.
- Eating is so much easier. We just give him what we are eating. No more breastfeeding and no more steaming and chopping!
- Sleeping is consistently much better. We still have a rough patch here and there but most nights he is in bed at 6:30 and up at 7:00.
- Laughing at his goofy personality and the way he dances to music, pats his belly, and makes silly faces.
- His love of exploring and discovering how things work and what things are. It is so fun watching him do things.

- Throwing fits
- The in between stage of wanting to communicate with us and tell us what he wants, but not being able to do so verbally. Lots of guessing what he is so determined to 'tell' us.
- Gone are the days of being able to sit and hold him while talking with other adults or with each other. Especially when we are out in public.

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