Friday, January 4, 2013

13 Things to do in 2013:

1. Go to the Wichita Mountains
2. Get our passports
3. Take a 5 year anniversary trip
4. Read the entire Bible
5. Grow something
6. Go to an OKC Thunder game
7. Turn our blog into a book
8. Eat oysters at S&J Oyster Bar
9. Have a kitchen staff dinner at our house
10. Create a family binder of important documents
11. Take Henry to an indoor water park
12. Go to sister Grace's high school graduation
13. Make granola we love.


Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

I love these lists, Danae! And I love seeing when you accomplish them! I have a few things to say about 2013:

1. Do it with us!!!!!! We are thinking March or April?

2 & 3. We have these same goals!

6. Done?

Grace Noelle Keena said...

This is a fabulous list!