Friday, January 4, 2013

12 Things to do in 2012 Recap:

1. Visit Brad and Jeanette in VA
- We did!
2. Read a book of the Bible together
- We read Hebrews together.
3. Eat at Wolf Gang Puck Bistro
- Nope. Never got around to it.
4. Write a love letter to each other every other week
- We wrote lots of love notes this year.
5. Run the Tulsa Run
- Yes!!!
6. Make yogurt
- I made yogurt a few times. My favorite way was in the crock pot.
7. Buy or Build a picnic table
- Doug built me one for my birthday
8. See 6 movies in theaters
- I think Doug might have done this. I did not. In fact, I think I only saw one movie in the theaters with a group of ladies and one movie with Doug.
9. Take a weekend vacation somewhere new
- Going to Virgina counts.
10. Go to a zoo
- We went to the Tulsa zoo as a family on Easter and Henry went to the OKC zoo with grandparents.
11. Camp as a family here at camp
- Nope. When you are running on minimal sleep at home, there is no desire to try to sleep somewhere else with a baby.
12. Create Castle Code of Conduct
- Talked a lot about it. But still have not written it out.

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