Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The First Year:

I have heard parents say that having a child is one of the best things you could ever do but it is also the hardest thing you could ever do. I never really understood what they were saying until now. This past year has truly been the best and the hardest year of my life.

The best: watching the love for our little one grow and grow and grow. Knowing that he is our child and there is no one else in the whole world like him. Seeing him grow stronger, faster, smarter by the day. Watching the transition from simply being his caretaker to being one of his favorite people in the whole world. The feeling that 'we are actually doing this'...the knowing what he likes to eat, how to fall asleep the easiest, games he likes to play, how to help when he is in pain. His smile and laugh. The love...oh, the love. Nothing like I have ever experienced. The excitement that comes from learning about our boy. Playing together. Bath time. Snack time. Genuinely laughing at things he does. Seeing our friends and family embrace and love him. Watching Henry play with other babies. The daily dose of joy he brings us.

The hardest: Learning how to be on the same team as Doug, we are not against each other. We have to work together, take care of each other, and not get frustrated with each other when we are simply worn out and exhausted from our baby. Those cranky days, where nothing works and everything is a big deal. Getting him in his car seat. Teething. The worry. The desire to sleep in a little longer but the reality that is not an option any longer. Transition from working outside the home to staying at home, some days it would be easier to 'go to work'. The lack of sleep. 3:30 pm - 5:30 pm, the witching hours.

We talk to Jon and Emily a lot about parenting. It is great to have close friends that are going through the same things. We were talking about how babies make everything harder, but also make everything better. If you want to go somewhere it is a lot harder. More details, things to think through, planning involved...but if you just leave the baby with a grandparent or a babysitter you just wish the babe was with you the whole time. So, you end up bringing the baby because you want them with you, but take on the added stress and responsibility that come with bringing them along.

This boy has changed our entire world. He has makes it better each and everyday. Even on the hard days.

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What lovely thoughts, Danae :)