Thursday, December 13, 2012

Our Weekend:

This past weekend Doug and I attended a marriage conference. It was put on for our staff and we just had to drive down the hill to go to the sessions. We had a babysitter arranged for us that came to our house and loved on Henry well. We really enjoyed having a weekend to sit down and intentionally talk about our marriage. We were also reminded of what a huge blessing our relationship is and how blessed we are to have a marriage that is not full of conflict and big issues. The biggest thing we took away from the weekend is that we need to be much more intentional in praying together and studying the word together. We were also challenged with the idea of our marriage being a shining light to the gospel of Jesus. People are watching how believers love each other and we need to do that well. Be examples for all to see of God's work in our lives. 

Then we had a fancy Christmas dinner with our closest friends. The meal was beautiful and delicious. We watched Henry run around the house with a banana in his hand, ate duck, played our favorite game, and ended our evening encouraging Alex as he moves on to his next adventure. It was such a festive, encouraging time as close friends. 

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