Monday, December 31, 2012

Castle Christmas:

We got to spend several days with Doug's side of the family. All three siblings have a baby boy all born within five months of each other. It is safe to say, this Christmas was very baby focused. We passed around the babies, guarded the stair case, played games with a baby monitor humming in the background, and were all up and going in the morning much earlier than we have in the past.

Some of my very favorite things about Doug's family are the conversations that we have together, the constant source of humor, the true feeling of all liking each other and genuinely enjoying the time we are all able to be together.

Some highlights of this year: spending time at our home with Dad and Julie, making fun of Dad for being a zoo friend, car rides to visit grandparents and to Tulsa, Dad's chili, game nights, boy burger date, Mom's Christmas lunch, Anson cuddling with me, matching Christmas jammies, quoting parts of Home Alone that were left off of the t.v. version of the movie, Beth's bacon toy, and time with aunts/uncles/grandparents/cousins.

We have told Greg and Beth and Brad and Jeannette 'bye' many times since they have both lived long distance our entire relationship. But this year it was much much harder. Harder not knowing when we will see them all next. Harder now that we have our little boys. We are so thankful for the wonderful time that we all got to spend together and are excited for more time together in the future.

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