Thursday, November 15, 2012

One Week, One Year Part 2

         I will try to be brief in my retelling of the first week of Henry's life, but I want to take the opportunity to get this stuff down so that I don't forget the details (though at this point that seems impossible). At any rate I have decided to split up his first week into two posts so as not to overwhelm.

Henry just 11 hours old
         Saturday November 19th-  I went to work around 7am and worked until about 8pm. After work Danae and I went to our neighbor's house to watch the Sooners lose to the Baylor Bears (tear). We went home and talked then went to bed around 11:30pm. We only slept about an hour and a half because at around 1am Danae's water broke.

         Sunday November 20th- Saturday turned into Sunday in a blur of packing up our things and being giddy with excitement. We made it to the hospital around 3:00am believing our baby would be born that day.  That was not to be. As we were settling into the room we talked to the nurse about how we were hoping to do this thing with as little medical intervention as possible (to keep things cheap and natural).  21 hours later we accepted the reality that we would not be having a Sunday baby and all of our thoughts on medical intervention were tossed out the window-- we were just in survival mode. We laughed at the ridiculousness of the whole thing. The IV towers kept multiplying as time went on to accommodate the various medical fluids needed to keep everyone safe-- it looked absurd.

        Monday November 21st- Things were getting a little rough by 8am on Monday.  There was very little sleep/food (no food for Danae) and several tense moments where Henry's heart rate dropped dangerously low. This was definitely one of those situations that was far bigger than me. I was helplessly watching those monitors and doing everything I could to hold it together for Danae and for the baby.  I was flat out scared. The nurses were great (all three shifts), Danae was incredible, and by 12:26pm we had Henry! At the announcement of our boy I leaned down and said to Danae with a smile "Manhouse" because there is now a masculine majority.  Danae knows the truth-- her boys are wrapped around her little finger.

          I will leave you here for the night, faithful readers, with the joy of our baby finally being here!  Sleep tight and I will see you tomorrow.

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