Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One Week, One Year Part 1

        One week from today I will be the father of a 1 year old boy.  The faithful followers of this blog must be thinking 'Father? Where is Danae?'  Well Danae is not here (on the blog) today and in fact I will be taking over the controls for a week in order to document some of my thoughts and feelings about completing year one as a dad. Without further ado:

Day 1 Pre-Henry Baby Days-

         This is a picture of me in the women's clinic minutes after seeing an image and hearing the heartbeat (a complete surprise to me) of our tiny baby confirming that Danae was in fact pregnant.  What you cannot see in this picture is the large tears that rolled down my cheeks as soon as the doctor left the room (I kept it tough while he was there).  Upon seeing those tears Danae searched my face trying to determine if I was happy, sad, terrified or crazy. I was probably a mix of all of those (except sad), but at the time I just assured her how happy I was that I was going to be a dad.

         It is funny now looking at Henry and thinking that this was the same little guy I was thinking about, learning about, praying about and even singing about all those months.  There was so much mystery in the pregnancy. We knew very little about our baby; gender, personality, eye color, hair color. We knew there were fingers and toes and all the right organs (we took the Doc's words about certain organs). Most importantly we knew there was a tiny heart that was beating away and there was so much comfort at each appointment hearing the loud whoosh that we knew meant our baby was growing and healthy.

         Danae was a great pregnant lady. She was beautiful, joyful and graceful. I hope I did enough to take care of her and protect her.  We spent hours and hours talking about our little one and our dreams and ideals as parents.  It was an incredible time in our life but not as incredible as life has been since our boy made his appearance.


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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

This is a great series :) This post just made me smile so much! You two are wonderful parents.