Thursday, November 1, 2012


I have never really liked Halloween. I am not big into dressing up, even as a kid I liked handing out candy better than dressing up and going out. In kindergarten a kid told me that Halloween was Satan's birthday, so that ruined all the fun for me as a kid. Doug on the other hand, loved Halloween as a kid. In fact, it was his favorite holiday.  He rocked Halloween, as you can probably imagine.

We did not want to spend money or too much time and energy on a costume for Henry. But I did feel like we should do something for his first Halloween. Before we went to pick Doug up from work I put together this outfit. He was our little runner, since he keeps us running after him. And, we already had every thing he is wearing. Cheap, easy, and pretty cute.

We went a few friends houses to show off our little runner. Then came home to have dinner, play time, and bed time. Doug and I did watch Nightmare Before Christmas together. Maybe that will be our Halloween tradition as a family.

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Ashley @TheCreamToMyCoffee said...

So so cute! It's the perfect costume - no money, little thought! I'm not into Halloween either. I've never even been trick-or-treating!