Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall Wedding:

Our dear friends, Rhett and Jennifer, are married. We had such a wonderful weekend celebrating with them. Karen came over to stay with Henry since we had rehearsal dinner one night and the wedding the next. He loved all the Grandma time and I don't think she minded much. Doug and Justin planned a fun bachelor party the night before the wedding, they were out late into the night running around camp doing challenges. A pig was involved. It is safe to say, fun was had by all.

 The wedding was in a beautiful barn. I might have cried off and on throughout the entire ceremony. So much love and focus on our great God. I made sure to have a great view of the second groomsmen. He is mine.

The reception was full of so many great people and great conversation. Yummy food. Lots of dancing and laughing on the dance floor. Connecting with old summer staff. Simply enjoying the celebration.

We are so so so so happy and thankful for the love between our sweet friends, Rhett and Jennifer.

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