Wednesday, November 21, 2012

12 Months:

- You take steps here and there. But only when you want to and never when we have the video camera out.
- You got a new car seat and you love looking out the especially like the horses down in camp.
- We celebrated your actual birthday with a wake-up call from both mom and dad with an Elmo balloon, pancakes for breakfast, play time outside, pizza for dinner, and banana for dessert.
- You are a big fan of milk in your cup and you are mostly weaned!
- Your naps during the day are generally pretty short, but that means you like to be in bed at night around 6:30 or 7:00. Still waking up throughout the can go ahead and stop doing that.
- You have a new love for being naked and you think it is rather funny to crawl off as fast as possible down the hallway when we are trying to get you in the bath.
- You have started to hug our necks, wave, and you have attempted a few kisses. All are super sweet.
- Your favorite toy is your walker. You push it all around the house, run with it down the hallway, and you are a champ at getting it unstuck from corners.
- You have a fake laugh. It makes us for real laugh lots.

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