Friday, October 19, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Watched OU destroy Texas in football. Doug might have re-watched the game because it was just so fun to watch total domination of your biggest rival.
- Hosted a wedding shower for Rhett and Jennifer. We had a chili cook off, a photo booth, and caramel apples. It was a fun time of celebrating two people we care for deeply.
- Ate a lot of meals at home this week. Including fish tacos, brisket and potato casserole, bbq pork sandwiches, and spicy black bean and sweet potato tacos.
- Continued training for the Tulsa Run which is next week. Getting nervous already, that is probably not a good sign.
- Watched Moonrise Kingdom and drank hot drinks.
- Enjoyed some Cardinals victories.
- Doug is going to build me a picnic table for my birthday so we went to Lowe's to scope out lumber prices.
- Bought a new black maxi dress for $8.00. Thanks 80% off rack.
- Divided and conquered grocery shopping. Doug dropped me off at Aldi while he ran to Walmart.
- Took an afternoon walk down to camp to surprise Doug at work. Got down and found that he had left work early to surprise us at home. Surprise fail, for both of us.
- Had Alex and Jenn over for leftovers and football. I appreciated their help in cleaning out our refrigerator.

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Katie said...

Tulsa Run! Alright! Is it a 5k? You will rock it!