Friday, October 5, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Took two trips to Tulsa. One planned, one unexpected. We sat in the Odom's living room and talked for many hours. Ran on Riverside. Went to the new natural food store. Sat on my sister's couch and talked to her. Kissed her babies. Met their dog, Captain.
- Enjoyed having a lighter week here at camp. Doug was home every night around 5:00! We ate dinner in our dining room as a family of three.
- Ate chili with the Metcalfe's and then watched some football.
- Tried to go on a family run, but a certain little baby did not want to ride in his jogging stroller. So we made it about half-way and then Doug ended up carrying him on his shoulders while I pushed an empty stroller back to the car.
- Made zucchini muffins and I was immediately reminded of my Mom baking with zucchini.
- Finished reading The Help

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