Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Had some doctor's appointments. Physicals for the both of the men in the family.
- Ate a McDonalds breakfast after the appointments
- Made a bunch of baby food
- Shopped twice at a children's consignment sale in town. Found lots of great fall and winter clothes for super cheap. I sold stuff in the sale this time so we made more money then we spent there. I am hooked.
- Doug mowed our lawn for the first time since June. This is because a lot of our yard is actually just dirt and rocks and the other reason is due to the drought this summer. I guess that is one nice thing about not getting very much rain.
- Made a batch of cookies
- Doug asked me to check the expiration date on a card that he has. I looked at it and said, "Oh, it is fine. It does not expire until September". To which Doug lovingly reminded me "It is the end of September".
- I am involved in a Mom's group this semester and we had a meeting this week. Went to pick Henry up from the nursery and he was sitting on the floor crying. The teachers told me he did much better this week, but it is a little hard to believe when he sup-supped all the way home. Poor boy is still learning how to do nursery.

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