Sunday, September 16, 2012

This Past Week We:

- We have had a large group of 6th graders here doing Outdoor Ministries. Doug has been busy keeping them all fed while they are here. I got to see a girl that I knew from working in Tulsa, it was such a special thing reconnecting with her.
- I went to the Salvation Army, twice. Henry and I love going there to pass some time. Especially on days when Dad is gone from sun up to sun down.
- I made whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. They were awful. I was most upset that I had wasted two sticks of butter and good chocolate on such terrible tasting cookies.
- I redeemed myself by making a cinnamon sugar bread. It actually tasted good, even though it crumbled everywhere.
- Had people over to watch some football games.
- Henry finally has two little teeth poking up.
- Had doctor appointments on Friday. Sat and waited and waited and waited. It is getting much more difficult to entertain a 9 month old baby for that long in a germ-y doctor office.
- Ate Mexican food for lunch followed by a hot cup of coffee.
- We got lots and lots of rain over the past few days. We have enjoyed having our windows open and dressing Henry in warmer clothes. Baby hoodies might be the best thing ever. It is all I want him to wear now.

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Mom Keena said...

Well it's about time those teeth made an appearance. Does he seem to be feeling better, not that they are through? I wonder what happened with your cookies. Just didn't like the whole wheat taste? Thanks for sharing! Love you!