Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day 2012:

We woke up earlier than we wanted thanks to a little boy who was ready to start his day. I made pancakes and Doug made coffee. Henry ate his first pancake ever and we are pretty sure he is a big pancake fan. Grandma came over to watch Henry for a few hours so Doug and I could go out for my birthday. We drove around town looking for a place to eat lunch, but soon realized that everything would be closed in our small town for labor day.

We ended up eating a cheap lunch so we could go to Target to spend the rest of my birthday money. I ended up buying some new drinking glasses, a candle, fancy soap, cookie dough scooper, and a new spatula with my birthday money. We stopped by Starbucks on the way home.

We went to the Metcalfe's for dinner to celebrate Jennifer's birthday with fajitas. Justin even made homemade tortillas. We had to head out soon after eating due to a tired little boy that has been going to bed much earlier these days.

It was a perfect day with a nice little break from the 'labor' that I do all day everyday.

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Mom Keena said...

Fancy soap? I love fancy soap. In fact I've got Dad loving those humongous bars of soap from Ross/TJ Maxx. They last sooo long! Sounds like you had a nice birthday celebration! Love you!