Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ages and Stages 9 month Old:

- Pretty consistent schedule throughout the day. [wake up, breakfast, nap, play, lunch, play, nap, play, dinner, bath, bed]
- Early bedtime (7:00 pm!)
- Not nursing all.the.time.
- Watching his personality grow and change. I feel like we are getting to know him as a little person now. Not just making sure he is clothed, fed, and changed
- He genuinely makes us laugh. His facial expressions and movements.
- He loves and knows Mom and Dad over other people
- Sleeping much better throughout the day and nights.

- Teething. It is pretty hard for all parties involved.
- Diaper changes. You just have to take them one at a time. And also view them as a mini-workout.
- The in-between stage of crawling all over and wanting to move all the time, but not yet walking. Once walking happens, so many more possibilities of places to go and things to do will open.
- Starting to show his temper and anger, but is still so young. These situations are so fragile since he is still only a baby, but he knows what he is doing.

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Claire @ My Devising said...

Totally with you on the diaper changes. We dread them around here. They're just so wiggly and squirmy!