Friday, August 3, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Helped our dear friend, Rhett with his proposal.
- Celebrated our other dear friend, Nathan's, birthday.
- Doug went on a one night camping trip with a group of our campers.
- I stayed at home with the baby boy and watched a bunch of Olympics and had a horrible night of sleep. (Pretty typical when Doug is gone for the night)
- Found some fun treasures at the Salvation Army...the best being a radio flyer tricycle for Henry and some new gold shoes for me.
- I made cookie bars, apples dumplings, and white chocolate cranberry cookies.
- Hosted our last small group of the summer. I am going to miss having those girls come over every week. Summer camp flew by this year. Is tomorrow really the last day of camp?
- I told a room full of summer staff Doug and I's love story. I was reminded how blessed and grateful I am for our story and for our love. One of them asked me if he is always funny or if he is just funny when other people are around. It is hard to believe that someone could be that funny all the time. But he truly is that fun to be around.


Mom Keena said...

What a fun photo on the tower. What tower is this? And I'm sure you didn't let Henry get too close to the edge. Did you? :)

Mrs Melissa Baker said...

Great shot, totally adorable!

KillerB said...

Great photo, Danae!