Thursday, August 30, 2012

The First 9 Months:

Reflections on the past 9 months:

- It is important to use nap time to do those things that are next to impossible to do with a super mobile baby that likes to get into everything. Examples: take a shower, unload/load the dishwasher, get dressed.
- Sometimes you just have to move something that baby keeps touching over and over and over again that he is not suppose to touch. For everyone's sanity. Example: cable box
- The love just keeps growing and deepening. The longer we know each other the more we love each other.
- They do sleep through the night. Eventually. But then they might stop at any point and you just have to retrain them and press on.
- Some days you just try to make it to the next nap time. Other days you miss the little one during nap time.
- Family members like to see pictures of the little one...but they LOVE to see videos. Try to remember to press that record button.
- Watching your son cling and want Dad over mom is a pretty great thing to watch.
- Cleaning up the toys before the babe goes to bed is an important thing. It is so much easier to relax and recharge in the evenings without having toys spread everywhere within in sight.
- Some days I want fifteen kids and other days I only want one.
- Some days I want to have another baby tomorrow. Other days I want to have another baby in ten years.
- Baby puffs and MumMums are the greatest baby invention of all time.
- Baby wipes clean everything! Including snotty noses and food stuck on the car seat.
- Take trips, go places, take the baby. It adds stress but is also adds so much fun and memories.
- You can watch full Baby Einstein videos on YouTube for free.
- Let them explore, move, and see things. No need to be strapped into some kind of baby holder all the time.

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Claire @ My Devising said...

totally agree with you on the 15 kids thing. :)