Thursday, August 2, 2012


We have been watching the Olympics every night this week. It has been so fun cheering on America in so many different sports. We have had a room full of summer staff cheering on with us each night. It has been such a special week of connecting with the staff that come over. There is lots of laughter as we listen to Doug's commentary, I have made lots of desserts to share, and the house might always smell a little funny after having so many sweaty bodies crammed into such a small space. I will take the smell any day as long as our home feels comfortable for people to relax, connect, and enjoy the Olympics.

A few other Olympic thoughts:

- Michael Phelps > Ryan Lochte
- Doug likes to refer to Gabby Douglas as 'his girl'
- NBC plays way too many of the qualifying swim events and not nearly enough gymnastics
- Missy Franklin is adorable
- Why do they not air any of the basketball games?

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Mom Keena said...

Turn on your Scentsy pot next time you have stinky people over! :)