Thursday, August 9, 2012

High/Low Summer Camp Edition:

- Getting to know the awesome summer staff. Last summer I was working full-time in the office and I was five months pregnant. I had a hard time finding any energy to do anything after I was done with work. This summer we enjoyed connecting with the staff on a much deeper level.
- The awesome Summer Kitchen Leaders. They really did such a great job overall. Very little complaining and good attitudes. Having strong leaders in the kitchen helps everything run smoother. We might have both got emotional telling these awesome people good-bye. 
- My brother David came and did the first part of our leadership program. He was here for two weeks. We loved getting to see him experience camp and loved spending a few days with him after he was done. We love that kid a whole whole lot. 

- The physical and mental demands of summer camp. Doug worked lots of long hard hours which in turn meant I worked lots of long and hard hours at home with Henry. Many days went by that Doug would be gone from the time Henry woke up in the morning to the time he went to bed. These were hard days for us all. Eight weeks of this took a toll on our relationship with each other. Last night we started the conversation of how to take care of each other during the busy seasons to avoid getting to the place that we had come to in our marriage. There is a lot more to juggle now, but loving each other well has to be one of the main things we focus on. 
- The heat. Why can't summer camp happen in November?
- All of the gross crickets that thought they needed to try to make a home in our home. 

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Katie said...

I really can't imagine being a camp counselor in the oppressive heat down in OK this summer and last. How do those kids do it?! Here's to cooler temperatures and more time together.