Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 Months:

- Still scared of the vaccum cleaner and the hair dryer
- Likes to have one pacifier in his mouth and one in his hand to fall asleep
- Starting to show more of your strong personality...arching your back when mad and throwing toys that you don't want to play with.
- Eats everything I have ever given you...including cottage cheese, grits, black beans, and shaved ice.
- New favorite toys are little plastic bugs from Aunt Bethany . You have a favorite one that you like to carry around in your hand when you crawl around the house.
- We were in Louisville, KY for your 9 month 'birthday'. We went on a mega road trip to see Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Brad, and Anson. You did awesome in your car seat for that long, random naps, and a time change.
- Diaper changes = mini wrestling match
- Bath time = mini wet wrestling match (you would rather stand up than sit down in the water)

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