Friday, August 31, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Henry has been sick most of the week. Super runny nose and cranky. I think we might have turned a corner last night. We enjoyed having a happy little boy crawling around the house again.
- Made No Knead Bread. The bread was crusty on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside. Would be perfect with soup. We had it with Chicken Parmesan Bake.
- Doug had some good conversations here at camp this week. Feeling thankful and blessed to have our home and ministry be here.
- Prayed for nephew, Devan as he had to get a CT scan on his head to check for abnormalities. All came back clear. Praise the Lord!
- Watched a lot of preseason football and the first college football game last night. One of the best times of the year.
- Took two relaxing baths to help unwind from the long days filled with a cranky baby.
- Had a Braum's date. Chocolate shake for me, limeade for him.
- Took a nap one afternoon where I slept so hard I thought it was night time.
- Had a dream one night where all I did was chase Henry around the house and wipe his snotty nose. I woke up rather disappointed that I did not even get a break from what I do during the day in my sleep at night.
- Had lunch in town with some of the staff at the local Chinese buffet.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

The First 9 Months:

Reflections on the past 9 months:

- It is important to use nap time to do those things that are next to impossible to do with a super mobile baby that likes to get into everything. Examples: take a shower, unload/load the dishwasher, get dressed.
- Sometimes you just have to move something that baby keeps touching over and over and over again that he is not suppose to touch. For everyone's sanity. Example: cable box
- The love just keeps growing and deepening. The longer we know each other the more we love each other.
- They do sleep through the night. Eventually. But then they might stop at any point and you just have to retrain them and press on.
- Some days you just try to make it to the next nap time. Other days you miss the little one during nap time.
- Family members like to see pictures of the little one...but they LOVE to see videos. Try to remember to press that record button.
- Watching your son cling and want Dad over mom is a pretty great thing to watch.
- Cleaning up the toys before the babe goes to bed is an important thing. It is so much easier to relax and recharge in the evenings without having toys spread everywhere within in sight.
- Some days I want fifteen kids and other days I only want one.
- Some days I want to have another baby tomorrow. Other days I want to have another baby in ten years.
- Baby puffs and MumMums are the greatest baby invention of all time.
- Baby wipes clean everything! Including snotty noses and food stuck on the car seat.
- Take trips, go places, take the baby. It adds stress but is also adds so much fun and memories.
- You can watch full Baby Einstein videos on YouTube for free.
- Let them explore, move, and see things. No need to be strapped into some kind of baby holder all the time.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Time Away and Time Together:

Our vacation to Virginia was a wonderful time of reconnecting and recharging. Things at camp were getting hard, we were both exhausted, and we had been seriously missing time as a family of three. The 20 hour drive to and from was very therapeutic. We drove through beautiful countryside and listened to beautiful music. We laughed together. We had time to talk and talk and talk. We listened to a marriage series and might have gotten teary eyed thinking about how blessed we are to have each other as a spouse. We took naps. We slept in. We ate good food. We read. We watched movies. We did everything together.   It was just what our family needed. Time away and time together.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Vacation to Williamsburg, VA:

We saw:
- Two of my Aunts, Nana, a cousin, and an Uncle
- Doug's sister, brother-in-law, and nephew
- Old buildings
- The beach and beautiful mountains
- Busch Gardens
- Brad and Jeanette's cozy home

We ate:
- Sno-to-Go
- Lunch at The Carrot Tree and Chinese food after church
- Ocean's and Ale for my birthday dinner
- Five Guys and The Cheese Shop
- Homemade pizza and burritos from Trader Joe's

We listened to:
- The Real Marriage Series
- New music for the trip: The Head and The Heart and Mewithoutyou
- Henry and Anson 'talk'
- Doug, Jeanette, and Brad play music

We watched:
- some 30 for 30 sports documentaries
- The Three Amigos
- Sesame Street
- How it's Made

We drove through:
Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, and Missouri

We spent the night in:
Knoxville, Tennessee
Williamsburg, Virgina
Louisville, Kentucky

Thursday, August 23, 2012

9 Months:

- Still scared of the vaccum cleaner and the hair dryer
- Likes to have one pacifier in his mouth and one in his hand to fall asleep
- Starting to show more of your strong personality...arching your back when mad and throwing toys that you don't want to play with.
- Eats everything I have ever given you...including cottage cheese, grits, black beans, and shaved ice.
- New favorite toys are little plastic bugs from Aunt Bethany . You have a favorite one that you like to carry around in your hand when you crawl around the house.
- We were in Louisville, KY for your 9 month 'birthday'. We went on a mega road trip to see Aunt Jeanette, Uncle Brad, and Anson. You did awesome in your car seat for that long, random naps, and a time change.
- Diaper changes = mini wrestling match
- Bath time = mini wet wrestling match (you would rather stand up than sit down in the water)

Saturday, August 11, 2012

When Henry Naps:

I read blogs, take a shower, eat some breakfast, go to the bathroom, take care of Maxwell, read my Bible, exercise, breathe deeply, sleep, watch t.v., load the dishwasher, make important phone calls, journal, drink some coffee, and enjoy the break.

This Past Week We:

- Spent some great time with brother David. We watched the Olympics, took naps, and ate pizza rolls and cookies. He helped me load Henry in and out of the car and helped at meals. He also helped Doug with the end of the summer banquet down in camp. I would have kept him here forever if I could have.
- Jeanette, Anson, and Grandma Karen came over for a night. Jeanette went to a wedding in town. It was so fun watching Anson and Henry 'play' together. So fun to see a baby that is so close in age to Henry and see the similarities and differences.
- Watched the Olympics constantly. I am already sad at the thought of them being over so soon.
- I got a new drivers license. It was a two day process. The first day we sat in the Department of Public Safety in Tulsa for two hours. Got the first piece of the crazy puzzle. Then the next day Henry and I drove to small town OK to get the actual license. Walked into the place and had my license in hand within three minutes. Thanks for speedy service small town OK.
- Ate lunch with Karen in downtown Tulsa
- Enjoyed a beautiful rain shower...finally. Thank you Lord!
- Got a library card

Thursday, August 9, 2012

High/Low Summer Camp Edition:

- Getting to know the awesome summer staff. Last summer I was working full-time in the office and I was five months pregnant. I had a hard time finding any energy to do anything after I was done with work. This summer we enjoyed connecting with the staff on a much deeper level.
- The awesome Summer Kitchen Leaders. They really did such a great job overall. Very little complaining and good attitudes. Having strong leaders in the kitchen helps everything run smoother. We might have both got emotional telling these awesome people good-bye. 
- My brother David came and did the first part of our leadership program. He was here for two weeks. We loved getting to see him experience camp and loved spending a few days with him after he was done. We love that kid a whole whole lot. 

- The physical and mental demands of summer camp. Doug worked lots of long hard hours which in turn meant I worked lots of long and hard hours at home with Henry. Many days went by that Doug would be gone from the time Henry woke up in the morning to the time he went to bed. These were hard days for us all. Eight weeks of this took a toll on our relationship with each other. Last night we started the conversation of how to take care of each other during the busy seasons to avoid getting to the place that we had come to in our marriage. There is a lot more to juggle now, but loving each other well has to be one of the main things we focus on. 
- The heat. Why can't summer camp happen in November?
- All of the gross crickets that thought they needed to try to make a home in our home. 

Friday, August 3, 2012

This Past Week We:

- Helped our dear friend, Rhett with his proposal.
- Celebrated our other dear friend, Nathan's, birthday.
- Doug went on a one night camping trip with a group of our campers.
- I stayed at home with the baby boy and watched a bunch of Olympics and had a horrible night of sleep. (Pretty typical when Doug is gone for the night)
- Found some fun treasures at the Salvation Army...the best being a radio flyer tricycle for Henry and some new gold shoes for me.
- I made cookie bars, apples dumplings, and white chocolate cranberry cookies.
- Hosted our last small group of the summer. I am going to miss having those girls come over every week. Summer camp flew by this year. Is tomorrow really the last day of camp?
- I told a room full of summer staff Doug and I's love story. I was reminded how blessed and grateful I am for our story and for our love. One of them asked me if he is always funny or if he is just funny when other people are around. It is hard to believe that someone could be that funny all the time. But he truly is that fun to be around.

Thursday, August 2, 2012


We have been watching the Olympics every night this week. It has been so fun cheering on America in so many different sports. We have had a room full of summer staff cheering on with us each night. It has been such a special week of connecting with the staff that come over. There is lots of laughter as we listen to Doug's commentary, I have made lots of desserts to share, and the house might always smell a little funny after having so many sweaty bodies crammed into such a small space. I will take the smell any day as long as our home feels comfortable for people to relax, connect, and enjoy the Olympics.

A few other Olympic thoughts:

- Michael Phelps > Ryan Lochte
- Doug likes to refer to Gabby Douglas as 'his girl'
- NBC plays way too many of the qualifying swim events and not nearly enough gymnastics
- Missy Franklin is adorable
- Why do they not air any of the basketball games?

Wednesday, August 1, 2012